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Facts About Unsung Blacks

Good morning Muskies! Hope everyone had a safe, fun filled weekend despite the crazy downpour of snow that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us! Today’s post is going to touch on something that I hold close to my heart : Black History Month. As it is fastly approaching, I started thinking about the many African Americans that have contributed so many things that we as a society appear to take for granted, as well as the fact that many of these great figures do not receive nearly the amount of recognition that they deserve. So, I decided to create a new segment for the Month of February titled “Facts About Unsung Blacks”, where I’ll list 3-6 facts to hopefully expand the minds of the people beyond the works of Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks or Michael Jackson or even Barack Obama. Don’t get me wrong–they’ve all achieved wonderful goals and aspirations–but they’re not the only Blacks to have done so. As time goes on, I believe that it is so, so important to learn about other historical figures to help enhance our own minds as well as maybe enlighten someone else’s too! Hopefully, this segment of my posts will do just that for you all. Have an excellent and happy Monday 🙂


P.S. Here’s the facts that I chose for this post–I decided on three for now.

-in March 1975, the first “Famous Amos” cookie store opened in Los Angeles, California by Wallace “Wally” Amos Jr. (be sure to thank him when chomping on yummy chocolate chip cookies! lol)

-In 1969, Arthur Ashe became the first African American to be ranked number one  in the sport of tennis.

– Gwendolyn Brooks’s Annie Allen was published in 1949 with a focus on “self-realization” and “artistic sensibility” of a young black woman.  That volume made her the first African American to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize in poetry.



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