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So, it’s been pretty cold out here in Muskieland. There’s been talk of closing due to snow/cold, but the college hasn’t as of right now. I’ve been pretty sick for the last week, so this has been to my advantage since I haven’t left my hibernation hole (I’ve been marathoning Breaking Bad). Now, coming back onto campus, I’m freezing my butt off and wishing winter was over already.

The first week excitement has worn off and now it’s back to business as usual. Classes seem less exciting and more like work. I’m trying to find more scholarship opportunities as well as looking into internships. I’ve had a few leads, but nothing I can go after and sink my teeth into as of yet. 

Sorry for the boring post. For now, I’m off to prepare for an interview for the Black & Magenta.

Before I go, though, have a look at my cute dog practically buried in snow. 



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