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It’s Basically A Snow Day

Hello Everyone!

The most exciting time for any college student is when classes are cancelled! Due to the extreme cold temperatures all classes are cancelled for the day (hence “basically” a snow day in the title). If you think your high school is stingy on the snow days, then wait until you get to college. Classes are rarely cancelled for the entire day due to weather conditions so when it DOES happen: IT IS MASS EXCITEMENT!

When all Muskies got the word yesterday that we had no classes everyone was already planning on how wonderful their day would be sleeping in and just relaxing. Mine however? I get the privilege of going to practice at 8:00 a.m. this morning. To be completely honest, this is actually exciting because we usually have late evening practices–now I will have the entire day to catch up on studying and get ahead on some assignments. Also, we are doing a pool workout today which is everyone’s favorite day on the team. It’s a great workout, while also taking a break from the everyday skills and drills we do during practice all week long.

Unfortunately, it is a little too cold to venture out later and play in the snow–looks like I will be drinking a lot of tea and will only come out of my room when it is time to walk to the dining hall. Nevertheless, it should be a good, relaxing break from my chaotic schedule that I am trying to balance this semester. I have about 5 online quizzes due weekly, plus random papers, assignments and presentations throughout each week–oh, AND exams to study for!

If I make it to May, it will be a miracle 🙂

Have a great week and hopefully your day off (assuming most of you had one) is as great as mine will be!
Ashley 🙂

The snowman my roommate and I made last time it snowed a lot on campus this past December!

The snowman my roommate and I made last time it snowed a lot on campus this past December!


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