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6 More Weeks!?

After the depressing moment Sunday morning when we all found out that the groundhog saw his shadow, no one wanted to accept the fact that winter could last any longer. Saturday was absolutely beautiful here on campus—the sun was out and the 54 degree weather felt like it was in the 70’s. Students were walking around with shorts on, and some students were even wearing tee shirts! I guess after the -15 degree weather earlier last week, 54 degrees would feel pretty nice.

On a side note, this past Friday night at the chess center there was a hypnotist show. He called nine students from the audience on stage and within five minutes they were completely asleep and willing to do whatever he had instructed them to do. The nine students were instructed to do an array of different things throughout the entire show while being under his “spell.” Eating a pretend ice cream cone, having a pretend bird as a pet, feeling extremely hot or cold, and becoming a Chip n’ Dale dancer were all among the list of things the hypnotist instructed the students to do. To my luck, my boyfriend decided to volunteer to be a part of the show and I got the pleasure of watching him make a fool of himself on stage. After the show, he was totally disoriented and had no recollection of what had happened the entire night, even though we had video footage of him dancing to help his memory 😉

Muskingum is such a great place to be—the events in the Chess Center are so worth going to every week. This coming Friday my roommate and I have entered a cake decorating contest they are hosting. The cake and all the supplies are included! If you signed up, you just have to show up and have fun (you even get a free tee shirt for participating). Prizes are awarded, but eating cake afterwards is enough for me!
Have a fantastic week—hopefully it doesn’t snow too much this week for everyone!

And don’t forget to come visit Muskingum if you haven’t done so already!
And if you have, no harm in doing it again!


So many picture opportunities here :)

So many picture opportunities here 🙂


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