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Liberty Answers #6

FAQ #6

Emily asks:
1.) what’s the general vibe on campus?
2.) is it a socially fun atmosphere?
3.) what are the dorms like?

Liberty answers:

1.) I’d say the campus has a laid back and friendly vibe! A ton of people smile and say hello while passing each other on the way to classes or on the quad! People don’t really judge people here as they sometimes would in high school. There are really no “cliques” here like in some high schools either. I have made close friends here that I never would have made in high school. Almost everyone is friendly as can be!

2.) like I mentioned above, people are friendly and fun here! It’s a smaller campus so you get to know lots of people on a more personal level and will see them around a lot more than a big campus. I like the small school setting because I have been able to make lots of close friends that I see regularly. 🙂 there are always plenty of social activities going on to meet people, try new things, and win prizes! I meet lots of people at school events and have a blast!

3.) the dorms are pretty nice. It varies depending on the building because each residence hall has something different to offer. I live in Finney hall. It is the least updated of the dorms but the only one with full kitchens and it is generally a quiet dorm. Also the entire wall is a bulletin board. 😀 which is great to personalize with photos or important reminders. Finney is the only hall with bulletin board walls. 🙂 the rooms are decent size. The way I feel, dorm life is what you make of it. The dorms may not look like a luxury hotel but if you bring cute decorations and sheets\photos/etc from home, your dorm will really FEEL like home. Dorm life is fun because there is always someone to talk to or help you with an assignment if you need it! 🙂

So there you have it! Check back next Thursday for a new FAQ! Have a great week, and whatever you decide to do, I know you’ll rock at it!

-Liberty 🙂

**** If you have a question you would like answered by me, an 18 year old college freshman, feel free to tweet it to me @foreverlib3rty or email it to me at lcline@muskingum.edu. ****




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