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We Love Our 44!

Good Morning, Muskies! Hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend before the Monday madness of classes resumes.

Today’s post is focused on a holiday whose significance has never really been explained: President’s Day. When you hear the term “President’s Day”, nine times out of ten, you’ll think back in your elementary school mind: Sweet! No class on Monday! Trust me, I started to do the same thing as I was folding the last of my large laundry load, but my intuition was not satisfied with that for an answer. So, I decided to research the true significance behind this often overshadowed Monday in the month of February. Turns out, the creation behind President’s Day can be interpreted in a couple of ways: one argument that the day was created to honor the birthdays of our nation’s very first president, George Washington and the nation’s sixteenth president,  Abraham Lincoln, while the other argument was to celebrate the legacy of all 44 of our presidents. Truthfully, I agree more with the second argument. Regardless of the decisions that our presidents may have made during their term(s), their political party affiliation or the often unfulfilled and empty promises made to us citizens leading up to Election Day,they all have one common goal connecting them forever: to improve the status of the U.S. of A.  It truly takes a great person with an even greater amount of strength to take on the task of running an entire country. These 44 diverse men had some form of selflessness inside of them in order to be daily criticized by the multitude of residents of this country, where as a lot of us may have just as hard of a time exposing ourselves in front of one person. I leave you all with this piece of advice: the next time a law gets passed that you may not agree with, think about the large spotlight and pressure the president may have been under to make that particular decision to pass that law. Many of these regulations and ideals our country was based upon are the very reasons why we have some of these instilled laws and are able to exercise some of our freedoms.

Have a great Presidential Monday!


All our Presidential Men.

All our Presidential Men.


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