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Our education department classroom always like children’s room. We did lots of project and we put that on the wall. That makes the hall way and classroom cute and lovely.
I remember my art teacher said that she really liked MH in Muskingum, because there are lots of projects that show our imagination and creative work. Do not like other building, also said that like a class, you can see your students work anywhere, so you know they learn and enjoy it.
My major is Early Childhood Education, so what we usually learn is to do something like students; teach them math, writing, reading and science. Each semester, we have filed hours for our education class. It was so much fun when you go to the real classroom and interact with little kids. Especially for me, who grew up in another country. In the classroom, I saw lots of difference between the two countries. In an American classroom, even in the preschool they use computer, I pad smart board, and other high-tech gadgets to teach students. They also give kids lots of activities to do, not only to study, but also to build the body. I like the classroom environment here. Each room has carpet and a library corner; some classrooms have an art center. This can make it fun for students to learn. It like an amusement park, you can find students working everywhere. In China, the classroom is not colorful like it is here, and we need to learn as much as we can, so there is a lot of stress for children, but we have strong basic knowledge. But in the future, I hope I can have a colorful classroom, and put all of my students’ work on the wall to show their parents how good they are.


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