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Kindness is a Virtue

I’m a very forgetful, clumsy person. I will drop things, bump things, ram them straight on with my face completely on accident. So, it’s really no surprise that I lose things once in a while. IMPORTANT things that shouldn’t be lost. 

However, there is no end to the kindness at Muskingum. People always do good things. For instance, I happened to drop a credit card of mine and someone found. They actually went to the trouble of finding my facebook and personally messaging me. I also once lost my debit card in the depths of the couches at the TOC – I was promptly messaged that the staff found it. 

That was EXTREMELY lucky. Honestly, I need to learn to keep my stuff together so I don’t get into some big trouble, but luckily random people were kind enough to make sure I was all good! 

Thanks, fellow Muskies. 🙂



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