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It’s About the Little Things

Hello Everyone!

I have been so busy these past few weeks with exams and busy work it seems as if school is speeding up when the weather has once again slowed down. I don’t know about you, but I am SO TIRED of all this snow and chilly weather!

My topic today really hits home for me because on Friday I will be leaving for Florida with my team to begin our season on Sunday 🙂 Words cannot describe how excited I am to be back on the field after not playing last year due to my ACL tear. With only three days of practice left in our “winter ball” season I find myself thinking, “It’s about the little things,” more and more each day. The beauty of this little phrase is that it does not have to apply just to sports. I will go ahead and give you two perspectives in which one or even maybe even both will be able to apply to your life.

1. The Sports Perspective
When preparing for a season, whether it is a week or a year away, the only way to become fully ready for that anticipated moment is to prepare for it. As a college athlete I always hear my coaches say, “It’s about the little things.” Sports are built around a world of failure: someone always wins but the other team loses, you either strike someone out or you get stuck out, you either hit or you miss, you either make the playoffs or you don’t. Do you catch my drift? Players, after games, at bats etc. often reflect on why they didn’t succeed and the answer often lies within those “little things.” I have heard reasons such as, “I pulled my head off the ball,” “My footwork was off,” or “I accidently forgot the sign.” Maybe if more attention had been paid in practice to these little details when doing hitting drills or ladder drills the mistake wouldn’t have occurred. As athletes, it can be easy to get caught up in the big picture and forget to step back and realize that the fundamentals of your sport whether it is softball, basketball or even football are what will make you and your team successful. Start preparing–today!

2. The Everyday Perspective
Think of what makes someone you know so special–maybe it is your best friend, a teacher or even a parent. What qualities does this person have to make them so special to you? Most of the time you will think of a person who does something out of the ordinary, or someone who “goes out on a limb” for you. These qualities that this person has are those “little things” I was talking about. When you recall someone like this in your life, you don’t often think of that “big picture” idea. When you think of this person you think of a specific time when they helped you with something, or a specific time when they gave you words of encouragement.

In case that doesn’t quite click, let’s think of this idea instead. When you write a paper and turn it in, what is the one thing on that paper that all teachers seem to find some type of problem with?? Grammar, right? Now, think of an essay and connect it with your daily life. The essay is the big part, the entire part, that “big picture.” From this, the essay has paragraphs, sections, sentences, words, letters, and punctuation that all are small parts that make up the entire essay. When you get an essay back, you will rarely find the entire essay marked up but rather the smaller missed punctuations or typo’s here and there that get a few points knocked off. Go ahead, do some thinking and turn this idea around to relate this to YOUR life, and tell me that the “little things” don’t matter. Who are the people that get the farthest in life, or receive the most gratification? Do those little random acts of kindness seem so meaningless now?

It’s all about the little things!
Have a great week!
Ashley 🙂


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