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This weather is really starting to get confusing. I’m not exactly sure what to expect at all and I think it’s beginning to mess with my sense of daytime. Naps sound a lot better now, and I don’t usually nap; spring needs to hurry up and get here. Things here at Finney have been really calm all of a sudden and it’s nice and relaxing, but I seriously need to find new things to do so I don’t spend most of the day sleeping. Being in Greek life as a Sinfonian has helped a lot, since I do have more to do and it’s been pretty fun even! Last saturday, we had our Big-little night, and I got Paul Cristofari as my Big! It was a total shock and I’m really thankful that I have him looking over me in Sinfonia. After everyone in my probationary class got out bigs, we all cheered in the house and went out to get Denny’s, which was really nice and we partook in a tradition that’s been happening and it was just a great time. After, we watched the most sarcastic commentary-audiobook-thing on the first Harry Potter movie and book. Being in Phi Mu Alpha was a great idea and I’m glad I did it.

Other than that, there’s not much else other than planning out what I’m going to do for Spring break. It doesn’t quite feel like it for me, since my spring breaks were usually in the high 80’s in terms of weather, but I guess the area can’t quite get that for me. Finding a place to stay has been like my biggest priority since I don’t know if I will be allowed to stay on campus for the whole break or what, so that’s been a small stresser on me. In any case, I’ll probably spend a brunt of break watching movies and catching up on reading some books I’ve been putting off for a while; I haven’t read anything recently and I really want to start Slaughterhouse Five again.

I think I’m going to finish my laundry now and probably clean my room a bit.

-Jose C.

Me and Paul!

Me and Paul!


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