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Spring Break in Zanesville!

So for this spring break, my first at Muskingum, I forewent what my parents wanted and practically what everyone expected by opting to stay here in Ohio. Unfortunately for me, I rushed to plan out things, so I couldn’t really go anywhere overly exciting other than Zanesville. So far, it’s not to bad here, I think. Being here has given me a lot more time to work on my artistic projects, like practicing guitar a lot more and writing even,

The weather here is really nice, even if it has been somewhat windy today. Most of today has been spent writing and hanging out with my friend Seth from campus. Nothing exciting will probably continue to happen here, but it’s a least a nice break from everything that was going on back on campus. Between me and Seth, we ate a whole pizza from Pizza from Pizza hut, which isn’t too impressive, but maybe that will soon be two or three.

I will now test this hypothesis and report back next week.

– Jose C


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