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“Plans” is probably not the best word for it…

Okay, so, since it’s the end of the year and almost the end of my college days as an undergrad, I feel as if I should maybe talk about what my…ahem…plans for the future are.

Unlike a bunch of other people that are graduating at the same time as me, I’m not quite as far along as I could be. I am graduating at the age of twenty, which is a pretty awesome head start! However, I’m missing several key things. Let’s just say I have aspirations, but that’s about it.

My next major life goal is to get into grad school and get a masters in Creative Writing. I’ve found a couple of schools that look like good fits, but due to financial and life plans, applying’s going to need to wait a bit. So what my next major goal would be to get into a good program that will help me out with my goal of becoming a writer.

Besides all the odds and ends that need to go into that, I’ll be taking some time off to work and try and build up funds for my next academic endeavor.

To be honest, I’m still a bit scared about the future. While there’s plenty of things I’m looking forward to–eventually settling down, moving out, getting married, getting my next degree, hopefully getting published–there’s a lot else I need to handle. The real world can look kind of scary, even when you’ve been preparing for it for a long time.

I guess what I’m trying to say, though, is that it’s okay. Even if I’m not at the most optimal place right now, I’ve still accomplished something major in graduating. I also have a supportive family and a loving girlfriend that are all there to help me get through things, even when I’m not so certain myself.

So for anybody that’s still going to be in school or is just getting ready to start college, it’s okay to still be worried about your future. I mean, I’ve made it this far and I still worry. As long as I keep pushing forward, I think I’ll be able to manage and get where I want to be. I also think that the same thing applies to everyone else out there, too.

Keep pushing forward! I’ll be doing my best to keep going, too.


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