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Entering the long stretch before break

So it’s the second week of April. Last week was Greek Week and Sinfo placed in second place! We tried to beat Phi Psi, but in the end, they were better than we were and obtained the trophy. While I feel that we should have gotten it, we lost fairly to them and it was a good competition all in all. Maybe next year will mean that we win, or that we won’t participate again; only time will tell. I’m really exhausted for some reason at this point in the year, and I think that has something to do with the four or five weeks that are pretty much left in school. It seems weird to me that I’ll be home before I know it. Freshman year has gone by pretty quickly and I didn’t even realise it. I’m in the process of studying for all my finals and I’m getting next semester’s classes all ready; yeah, I can’t believe it. 

I didn’t think that it would go by so quickly, but I’m happy with what’s been going on with my life here in Ohio compared to back home in Arizona. Coming here really was a great idea and one that I don’t think that I’ll regret. The one thing I do wish though, was that it would be warmer. Really, I just want to wear tank tops freely without fear of getting incredibly cold with a sudden gust of air. I don’t think that will be coming any time soon though, so I’ll just have to wait until May. All of my friends are getting all prepared for Easter break and I don’t really even know what to think of that. I should be fun, in any event. I mean, we’ll all be in Finney and we probably will have a movie marathon every night, so that’s something to look really forward to.

Wow, I really should get in the habit of finding more free time so I can post earlier in the day rather than wait until right before I go to bed. I should be able to break this habit by the end of the semester I think, so there’s always hope for that. I’m pretty sure that none of my brothers would really be too thrilled to know how late I do this, but that’s something that they’ll have to find out by themselves (if they read this). 

Speaking of free time, I spent yesterday cooking for Equality Alliance during one of their events. They had Maria, the head drag queen during the bi-annual drag show come down and give the members free haircuts. My job was to cook vegetarian-friendly food for her and for the executive board, both new and old (elections were held two weeks ago and there’s still a transition period). The food came out really great and there was practically none left by the end of the night, which made me pretty happy. Thanks to me, Seth, the president, even proposed the idea of an EA pot luck!

I should probably get to sleep. See you all (earlier) next week!

– Jose C.


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