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I’m Glad I Failed.

I apologize for not posting on time as usual—life of a senior nursing major lol. Anyways,you probably read the title of my post and thought “WHAT?!? Are you crazy??? How is you failing a good thing?” Well, let me explain a little–funish fact: I was actually supposed to graduate last May, but due to a failing grade in one of my major classes, I had to repeat a year, which obviously saddened me. Like I said before, I’m glad I did.  Earlier today, I was pulled aside by one of my nursing professors who proceeded to tell me how much she admired my growth in the nursing program, which made my day =) It also reminded me that this past week, a large chunk of my life has finally come to a close: I’ve officially completed my clinicals and my precepting hours. Three years of waking up before the roosters, bed baths, giving shots, taking vitals and bonding with patients as a Muskingum student nurse came to a close & I feel bittersweet about it. Though I won’t miss the ungodly early mornings of stumbling around to remotely wake up, I will miss the time I’ve spent at all of the different facilities that I’ve completed. Just think, three years ago, I was a scared sophomore for the second time about to embark on actually applying the techniques that I learned in 50-minute lectures and five hour skills labs (yes. FIVE HOURS.) Now, I’m a senior who will be graduating in about 30 days with my Bachelor’s in Nursing!! Talk about scary stuff!

Honestly, the time flew by so fast & I’ve learned so much within the last three years. Looking back on things now, I’m kind of glad that I didn’t graduate early because I don’t think I would’ve appreciated my time in the program like I do now. So, guys, as the year is winding down, I challenge you all to think of a time where you had to retry at something because life’s rejection told you that you weren’t quite ready for it yet & think about how much it means to you now. My point is sometimes, we have to get a major redirection on our roadtrips towards success to show us how much we really want that thing, but also the areas we have to grow in order to really cherish that thing we’re all chasing relentlessly.

Hope you all have a great week & enjoy the nicer weather!


The sunset before I went to complete my last set of precepting hours

The sunset before I went to complete my last set of precepting hours

Couldn't have ask to end my senior year of clinicals with a better group!

Couldn’t have ask to end my senior year of clinicals with a better group!




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