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This weekend, lots of things happened, make me feel life really so hard. I even do not know, how is everything going? everything here shocked me!!!!!
but, something good happened. World Vision hold a coffee house this Sunday afternoon in international house.
Mem and Moore RA cooked BBQ and Hot Dog to the residents students. people play beach volleyball outside. Spring really coming.
If you are international students, please pay attention:
May 1, May 6, May 8- Storage Shuttles. If you need to move your stuff into a storage unit, you can sign up for transportation to move your items on these dates.
May 9- Airport Shuttle Date
May 10- Graduation (***SENIORS*** We will have a graduation party at Terra Cotta Vineyards on May 10th from 7-9pm and you can invite anyone you want.)
Summer Housing- If you are staying here this summer and need campus housing, make sure you fill out the form in the main Student Life Office (Barb Shank’s Office, TOC).


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