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IMG_3219I went to the Southwester Social science association in San Antonio, TX last week.
First day: we arrive San Antonio and walk passed the famous river called River Walk Street and try Mexican food.
Second day: court, church.
It is really different that people can go inside of the court and even listen and join the cases. In my country, we are not allowed to go inside and watch. Everything in that building, like the TV drama, an enthusiasm are very nice, take us to visit before we leave the building, and take picture with us.

Two famous churches, people there are in devout prayer.
The church is a place where god lived, but generally all day is to open the door, convenient for people at any time in prayer, for poor people, that is a good place to seek temporary protection.

The NBA famous SAN Antonio Spurs team is in SAN Antonio, Texas.
The first and second picture is legendary in SAN Antonio, burly the cowboys of the west was once thrived here

Third day: Jamaica Jamaican Cuisine restaurants.
We find a Jamaica food on line and it taste of it a bit like the Chinese food, we put some yellow pepper sauce on it, it is really hot, maybe too spicy, but very delicious. Ginger beer is also very nice and has no alcohol in it. I also write my Chinese name on the wall, help someone can find that, and try good food there.
Day four:
The famous ruins of Texas for independence of The Alamo.
In 1836,the castle for independence, only 200 American civilians fight for 13days rebelled against powerful thousands of Mexican army, finally wait until reinforcements arrived, only one women and her daughter was survived.
Sunday, Easter Day!!!
In America, yesterday was Easter Day, Christians will usually go to church first, and then with the family reunion meal. That’s why people here on vacation increased obviously.
We take a boat tour of the SAN Antonio water scene, short on both sides of the river was full of all kinds of restaurants, it attracts large numbers of tourists to enjoy the water drops and dream of pleasant times.


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