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Summer Plans

Hello all!

Sooo, a long time ago I applied for one, singular internship to be a research technician in North Dakota. After 3 weeks, I gave up hope. However, last week I was contacted for a phone interview nearly TWO MONTHS after my original application.. I FREAKED OUT WITH EXCITEMENT! I knew it was a legitimate place and my professors were very excited and supportive of me while attempting to help me prepare for the interview. I ended not getting it, but I still have hope for next year as the hiring professor told me I was a good applicant and that I should re-apply next year, as he’ll be needing help next summer as well.

Disappointing as that was, I’m still extremely excited that I even got the opportunity for an interview, considering I have very few bio classes under my belt at this point. If I already come off as a good applicant, who knows what next summer will bring when I have quite a few classes under my belt! 

In any case, my summer should go well. I’m planning on taking a photography and history course to rid myself of some pesky LAE’s, and while I’ll have to grab a second job to be able to pick up the tab for those classes, I’m sure my summer will go swimmingly. I’m especially excited for the photography class as it’s a small hobby of mine, and the professor is quite the quirky fellow.

Have a great Monday night,



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