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One Thing at a Time

Things are starting to wind down at school around now–meaning, really, that everything’s acting up and there are assignments everywhere to take care of before things finish up for the year and my undergraduate life.

For me, I have plenty of assignments coming up: a presentation, papers, a creative writing portfolio. I’m lucky enough that most of my classes are writing based, so I only have one real exam that I’m going to sit down for, and the rest is (somewhat) at my own pace, aside from due dates.

That being said, my organization structure for school work has been in list format ever since I started college. I make a list of what assignments I need to do per date after making a master syllabus, and then I work from there, starting from the top. Around now, my list is reduced to one page in a relatively small notebook, meaning that each time I cross something off, I can actually see how much closer I am to being done.

Sometimes, a lot of coursework can be overwhelming: that’s why I use this method. Sure, I can see just how much I need to do, but I can also get a sense of accomplishment out of recognizing that I have one less thing to worry about. So, if I make a bunch of mini goals and do it one at a time, my entire work ethic doesn’t get thrown off just because I have new things to do that may show up out of nowhere.

This was actually useful for this morning since Anime Club needed to make adjustments to their Animpalooza event. Thankfully, I was able to look at what I had already accomplished for the day and set things aside to get my last leg of club work done. Now, I can focus on hopefully getting at least one paper out of the way and have one less thing to worry about.


Extra: Here’s the poster art for Animepalooza! Hopefully these will get made and put up soon!


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