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Running until the end

There’s finally about eight days left in the actual school year, I think, before finals begin. I don’t know whether I’m relieved or stressed over this fact. Currently, I’m working on one final already for my English class with Dr Wells and I feel like I’m taking too much time on that as it is. To be fair, there are three pages needed to be turned in out of five-to-eight on Friday and I’m already starting work on the fourth. Maybe I’m just taking things a little too far, but I can’t be too safe, you know? Once I get that out of the way, I have to start working on studying French with my roommate, who happens to be a French major and then I’ll be able to sneak some sleep in for tomorrow, which is going to be oddly busy for once; classes until 4PM and then a Spanish club meeting and working at Dial-a-dog from 7:30 to about 9 before starting my Math final studies. I think I just want all the work to be done and then for me to just to relax in my backyard back in Phoenix.

This semester went by a lot more quickly that I thought it would, and I’m feeling like that’s not going to go away over time, but only get worse. If that’s a blessing or a curse, I’ll know by the time I graduate in three years. Also, with 17 credit hours next semester, I think this feeling of ominous dread will be a little more common for me to feel. I would be lying if I said that I wished it was more like high school where all my classes were pretty much picked out for me, but that would be too easy, and I don’t find any real point in that.

Anyway, I better get started on getting back into writing my report for English. Seven pages by next Monday is my goal, and I think that’ll be easy to hit if I keep up writing a paragraph a night. Seven paragraph papers were what I worked best at in High School, so I think I shouldn’t have a problem. 

– Jose C.


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