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Time has passed so fast, and next week will be our final week. This is also the third year since I came to this land. When I was in high school I really looked forward to college life. I think I can find lots of friends who have the same ambitions as I do; I can have a boyfriend and we can marry after I graduate. I can have a high score and find a nice job. I don’t know if I changed my mind, but I really feel the life not as good as I thought. Some people will hurt you, not everyone is nice and can be friends. No one cares about you, because they are not you! Your feelings cannot be released; especially when your family is not here. The time difference makes me far away from my friends in my home country. When I am in the daytime, and I want to talk to my friends, they’re in midnight, and falling asleep. When I live here, sometime, just feel no choice. My major, only me from another country, I do not know what should I do, and who can help me in Chinese? This year all my friends live off campus, so I eat dinner by myself sometimes.
How terrible my life is, but I believe life is equal for everyone, when you lose something, someone also gains something. Also for those three years, I made lots of American friends, I studied hard. Each paper I wrote, I will ask other students or the teacher to help me and rewrite it at least twice. I try to release myself by running. That made me lose weight. After a long time sense of alienation, I get lots of jobs here. My teacher told to me they feel I have improved, and my English has also improved. I have confidence to apply for graduate school now, and I know who I should treat well and who are false friends.
I still feel happy to study here, and make myself become more and more emotional maturity, thanks people who hurt me, let me know do not make same mistake next time, thanks to the teacher who helped me, and the students who work at the student success center, they really helped me a lot.
In the end, I hope everyone has a good score on their finals!!!


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