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The Secret Life of an Undergraduate.

Hey, all!

Like many other of the bloggers, this will be my last post for the year. Well, actually ever since I’m graduating in ten days—scary yet exciting at the same time!! I decided to may my last post a bit of a reflection about my senior year as whole since it’s almost coming to and end. So, here’s some highlights and low valleys (in no particular order) about my senior at Muskingum as a whole.

1) Fall Recruitment–this year was a little different for Greek life due to the fact that we welcomed back a few clubs on campus, as well as the change of seasons where recruitment was happening. Instead of having the one week in January to get to know the freshmen and independent upperclassmen and potentially get to call them our sister or brother at the end of it, that stress was moved up to the beginning of October, right in the middle of the semester. Overall, I would say that each fraternity and sorority handled it quite well and each group’s new member class had flourished greatly!

2) Tragic Losses–many of you all may not know this, but I was actually in not one, but two car accidents this academic year, each being 30 days apart from another. Both times, my car was totaled, with the second being way worse due to me actually getting injured. Some days, I’ll still feel the painful sensation of where my upper right leg was bruised (when you bang up your leg against a car console while it’s flipping, it’s kind of expected). Y’all might read this one and say, ‘So what? They’re just cars!” For me, going from having zero accidents in the now four years I’ve been licensed to to having two in a month’s time span, it messes with you a little bit.

3) Honors–though I’ve been through a wringer just a bit, there’s been some moments I’ve been honored to experience. For starters, getting to write for this blog is a HUGE honor for me. I really wish I had known about this sooner because I enjoy writing so much :/ second, I was also able to donate blood this year FINALLY! Donating blood was something I’ve been wanting to do since freshman year & knowing that my blood saved the lives of three people is truly a great honor within itself!

and finally 4) Facing Reality–As much as I would like to relive some of my college days over again, I’ve come to the somber conclusion that soon, it will be time for me to move on from my days at Muskingum. From the random Circle K trips with my sisters to late nights studying fro the NCLEX to pioneering an after school youth group program to now rocking a head to tight coils and curls that people enjoy touching frequent, I don’t think I’d be the same person if I hadn’t come to Muskingum University. In the last four years,  I’ve definitely changed from the semi-naive 18 year old moving into room 203 in Memorial Hall on one hot August afternoon. Now, I’m a still sorta naive 22 year old days away from obtaining her second college degree, ready to spend her summer earning money while simultaneously preparing for the most important test of my life that will determine whether or not I’m competent enough to be a licensed registered nurse by the state of Ohio. Maybe I’ll throw in some leisure reading in there too! But all in all, I’m glad that I came here, met the people I’ve met, learned some valuable lessons and got to have a little bit of fun along the way! I encourage you all out there to finish your year strong & be ready for the next phase of your life, whatever that may be for you. Have a wonderful summer break!



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