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Even now I still feel excited that I went ziplining with MPB last Saturday. Frist, we all needed to meet at the bus loading zone behind the Rec Center facing the football field around 12:15 pm. Before we got on the bus, we would need to fill out 2 waivers-one for the university and one for the ziplining place. Then, the advisor asked us to sign up for small groups for the actual zipline tours. There were two types of tours available-traditional canopy tour and the Xtreme ziplining. I chose the Xtreme one then waited for the others.


It took us almost two and half hours to get there, and we were divided into five groups.

First, we put our cell-phones away and put the equipment on.


Second, we practiced on the short line.


Third, we took a car to the place we would start.


We totally went through 11 lines. The first 3 were baby line. We had nine members and two coaches. At first time, I was the second one to go through the line, but I felt nervous, so the coach helped me through that together and I became last one. It was interesting; we came into a cave and flew above the water.

After we finished our 11 lines, we took pictures together, and eat some snacks. Then we took a car back to where the bus had dropped us off.


Around 6:40pm, we were all on the bus, we are left, and then we stopped by McDonald’s and school paid the dinner fee for us.

This was a really fun day for me.


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