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College Students: Adults? Or just adult-sized children?

What is funny to me about college is that college students have two extremes: we act like adults, or we act like children, without much in between. Maybe it’s because we have to let the stress of being an adult out somehow, or maybe we’re nostalgic about when life was simpler, but either way I find it to be true pretty much across the board. Granted, some students are playful more often than others, but everyone has their moments. We love play-dough and coloring, giant games of Human v. Zombie tag, making silly videos with friends, going to the elementary school playground and swinging, or sitting in our rooms watching old Disney movies.

I remember finding that funny my Freshman year; that as you’d walk up and down the halls at night, TVs were pretty much guaranteed to be synced on one of two things: shows with ‘adult’ content, like Jersey Shore… or whatever animated film was on The Disney Channel or ABC Family. Up and down the hallway, you’d hear the soundtrack to Mulan or Tarzan echo through the hall as we all watched from our separate rooms.

The reason this thought struck me this last week was because an ice cream truck drove through campus, and my friends and I literally made a mad dash, running and laughing, to catch it.

IMG_0385 IMG_0391

Fast forward a few days, and I was sitting as the student representative in the board meeting of the Ohio Choral Directors Association. Talk about juxtaposition! Still, it’s this duality that really makes college fun 🙂



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