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Recruitment Week at Muskingum!

It’s recruitment week here at Muskingum. A very busy week for those who are involved in Greek Life, and an interesting week for those who are not.

First, it’s really great to see all of the fraternities and sororities out in full force, decorating their houses and lounges, planning parties, and proudly wearing their letters every day. On top of that, everyone gets so excited about the potential new members… it’s a little contagious! It makes you feel like you want to join even if you’ve chosen not to in the past.

It is an interesting week though, for those of us not involved. During the majority of the year, the fraternities and sororities have open events that anyone can go to. I have friends in lots of different sororities and also a few fraternities. For this one week, however, you do feel a little left out if you aren’t a part of Greek Life.

They don’t do it on purpose, of course! In fact, I feel that Muskingum’s Greek community in general does a great job of including people who have decided not to go Greek, and also of accepting people in all stages of college. Lots of people choose to join Greek Life as upperclassmen and are heartily welcomed. Recruitment is just the Greeks’ week to be excited and really focus on what their groups are and why they joined.

I have friends who have been amazingly and positively influenced by Greek Life, and then there’s people like myself who have gotten involved in different ways and are just as happy. Moral of this story is that whether or not you choose to go Greek, or whether you change your mind later in your college career, Muskingum is still a great place to be because it allows you to make your own decisions and to feel good about them.


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