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Ready for the Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

I hope the week is bringing you as much beautiful weather as it is for me, and definitely a lot less homework!
Since Muskingum’s Fall Break is coming up next weekend, this is the point in the semester where most professors decide to put their first exam. The hard part about this is while you are excited about heading home, or having a nice long weekend off of classes, you really have to find the inner motivation to finish out strong the last two weeks before break.

With that being said, the weekend is bringing a lot of excitement for the campus and for the Muskingum Softball Team. On Saturday, at the home field the team will be hosting a Tri-scrimmage between Muskingum, Mt. Vernon, and Rio Grande beginning at 10 a.m. Not only is this a fun time for the Muskies to take the field after a few weeks of practice, but it is always nice to get back into the swing of competitive play.

However, I am absolutely pumped for Saturday evening. Our football team is hosting Capital in an evening game. Not only is it a pretty neat atmosphere to watch a college football game at night, but at half-time the Muskingum Softball Team will be awarded their OAC Championship Rings for the 2014 season. This is the first time this has happened for the muskies since 2007. The feeling of working so hard in the off season and finally winning the OAC Championship and knowing that I will have this ring to treasure for the rest of my life is such a rewarding and incredible feeling. I have been counting down to this day since the date for the ring ceremony was picked. I will make sure to post some pictures next week of the event for anyone that is interested.

Have a great rest of the week, and be on the lookout for next weeks blog, “Rooming with a Stranger”.

A picture of my team and I after we won the OAC Tournament last spring

A picture of my team and I after we won the OAC Tournament last spring



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