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Living With A Stranger

All college students can probably agree with the statement that living in a dorm for the first time can be a very scary thought—especially when you are going to be rooming with a complete stranger. However, this doesn’t have to bring much worry to you at all!

The first thing that you should remember, is that for most universities/colleges incoming freshman who are going to be needing a roommate fill out a self-assessment on personal likes and dislikes—these are then used to help match students who would be compatible with one another. Keep in mind that you and your roommate will not be exactly alike regardless of what you filled out, but the similarities are taken into consideration when choosing student’s roommates.

When you finally receive information on who your roommate is, take advantage of any resources the school provides for you to get aquatinted with your roommate before school starts. I know here at Muskingum we have room preview day which is about a month before school starts, and is aimed toward first year students so they can check out their room and meet up with their roommate for the first time. Most schools will provide a phone number too, so shoot them a text, or use Facebook and Instagram—come on, I know everyone does their fair share of “creepin” these days. WARNING: Do not just look them up on a social media website and make a quick judgememnt of who they are based upon the types of things they post—college is about meeting new people and opening your mind to new ideas, so what a better way to start!

After making the effort to start to know your roommate before you move in, moving in together isn’t quite as awkward or strained. Start immediately hanging out with your roommate and getting to know him/her—opening weekend activities are always a good start of a friendship between two roommates around Muskingum. You and your roommate will also fill out a roommate agreement which is discussed between the two of you (regarding lifestyle choices, personal peeves etc.) and then taken back to the RA and put on file; this way if problems arise, these contracts can be brought out first hand to be referred to.

Besides giving the situation time (especially if you are not used to sharing a room) the next most important thing is to remember that you and your roommate will have very different schedules. One (or both) of you may play sports; you will have different friends overtime, and be on different schedules for classes and evening obligations. With that being said, even if you end up not having the best first year roommate, it can be easily managed, and better yet, take the necessary steps beforehand to make your first roommate a best friend for life!

Don’t stress too much!
Enjoy the rest of your week!
Ashley 🙂


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