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Power in Positivity!

Hello Everyone!
This week I wanted to share a blog post I wrote for my own personal blog called, “Building a Better YOU.” This blog is focused on self-help and my inspiration to help people see the true beauty in the life around them. I figured everyone could use a little more positivity in his/her life and thought I would share this one as it can come in handy especially now that school is really cracking down–enjoy! 🙂

Ever heard the saying, “Attitude determines Altitude”? Take a minute or so and think about this three word phrase, and how this may or may not apply to your current lifestyle.

If you are able to think of a few ways in which this saying deems true in your life, good for you, really. And if not, don’t sweat it because you’re amongst the many people in the world that forget the power of attitude. Becoming caught up in the outside world is hard to avoid—it’s inevitable really. Daily responsibilities like jobs, taking care of family, paying bills, and just the everyday stress of life has the ability to wear us all down at different times—but only if we let it.

Changing the way we view the world and the things that happen to us can really reconstruct our lives far more than most people realize. If you are looking for this type of change in your life, it all begins with simply changing the way you think.

The first step to achieving this goal is to realize what it is that you need to change about yourself. Think of the people in your life that are always “happy-go-lucky” and never complain about much. I know everyone can think of at least one person like this—at times they can even be quite annoying because they always seem to be having such a good time while we are stuck suffering in our everyday problems that they just don’t seem to own. What qualities do these people have that you notice day in and out? From personal experience, they probably smile a whole heck of a lot and always have a positive comeback regardless of the situation.

Once you start identifying some of the qualities that make these types of people appear happy all the time, it is time for YOU to start putting some of these qualities into your own daily routine. Begin by eliminating negative self-talk. Self-talk is any type of talking that you do to yourself or inside your own mind. For example, if you are in class and you are wondering how you are going to make it through the day, get your homework done, study for your exam tomorrow, go to your on-campus job, and go to practice for basketball, and still have time to breathe, you are probably partaking in a lot of negative self-talk. Rather than continuing to stress about all the things that have to be done, try planning the order of these events and how you will go about completing the tasks, and remembering other times in which you didn’t think you would be able to complete everything but you somehow ended up doing so anyway.

Eliminate negative words like “never” and “impossible,” and especially the famous,”I can’t” phrase. Try beginning to turn every situation into a positive—tell yourself that no matter what, it will work out and whatever you are stressing over isn’t as big of a deal as your mind is tricking you into thinking it is. Changing your mindset is an extremely difficult thing to do and will take some time to master, but the more you work on changing negative events/duties into positive experiences, the easier they will become and the quicker you will notice improvements in your moods as well.

Another important factor in beginning to feel happier about each day is learning to truly love to live. This may sound extremely simple, but you would be surprised how many people have trouble in doing so. Go ahead, grab a piece of paper and list ten things that you love about yourself. When you are done, reflect on this task. How long did it take you? Did even you find ten things to write down? How hard was it to find these ten things if you did? Happiness in life begins with loving your inner self first. If this task was difficult for you, begin by self-analyzing yourself and find ten great qualities about you (and believe me, there are far more than ten), and start believing in them. Look at yourself in the mirror and begin to learn to love what you see—this is easier said than done but when you start realizing how great of a person you are, then you can start spreading your sunshine that is unique to you onto others.

I challenge you that every time you see your reflection whether it’s in a mirror, a puddle on the sidewalk, or a door of a grocery store to quickly think about one positive thing about yourself—this could be something you’re happy you accomplished, or a self compliment on how nice your hair looks today. If you truly stick to this challenge, you will be surprised how easily and naturally these types of thoughts will begin to creep in to your daily life without seeing an acutal reflection.

Start these changes today; don’t wait until next week, or even until tomorrow to begin implementing these simple lifestyle changes. The sooner you take the initiative to change your life, the quicker your attitude will change and you will get more out of each day, and essentially live a happier and more rewarding life.

Have a great day!
Ashley 🙂


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