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Rural Education National Forum

Rural Education National Forum

Today I went to a conference with my advisor in Columbus, Ohio.  We were an hour late because of traffic. That was fine because we still enjoyed the conference.

I really liked the teacher. She had lots of energy and made a very interesting speech. He had some ideas that I want to share.  Try to make it real, use your resources to your advantage, and be creative. He showed us lots of project his high school children did, and he said asked for help if you lived in small town.

Make it real means if you teach your students gravy, use your school building and drop the ball and let students see it.

Use your resources: A bunch of third grade students asked the firemen to join their homecoming parade.

Be creative: he show us lots of project his students did. Ask parents to help the students. Such as their parents are farmers and they give he/she some idea about the seeds. His students had met a lot of diverse people, made friends with them and still keep in touch with them.

Muskingum is kind of a rural education because we are in a small town. So how do we make our school better and have better education?

There are also some other topics that they told us today such as enrollment rate and using technology with education. I feel it is very easy for American people to find jobs after they graduated. In China, we go to a university because we study every day and we just do not have any skills or knowledge to live in a community. We go to college, study and prepare to find a job. It is still hard for us to find job so we just keep study and go to graduate school. Here, people go to college for fun, for a job, or do it to learn knowledge.  This is the same for us. Using technology is the main point to every school now. I do not think it is for younger kids. They need to use lots of technology, but it should be for higher education. Technologies can change people’s life and make education more and more interesting. It can also help solve lots of questions.

Anyway, I enjoyed today‘s conference.IMG_0412 IMG_0413 IMG_0416


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