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Interview with a Current Freshman

I’ve been really wanting to write a post about the differences between high school and college and making that transition, but it’s been a while since I was actually in those shoes, so I decided to do an interview! Special thanks and shout out to freshman Kaylee Piatt, my lovely interviewee!

EH: Why did you decide to come to Muskingum?

KP: I decided to come to Muskingum because I love how welcoming everyone is here. I was on campus five summers ago for the first time for Musical Theatre Camp, and ever since then I knew I loved the music department and this place kind of felt like my second home. And when I took my visit last year and got to stay with some students, I saw how much they love Muskingum and then all of a sudden I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else.

EH: What’s been the hardest thing about transitioning to college?

KP: The hardest thing is becoming more independent. I’m used to having my mom check up on me all the time, make sure I’m doing everything, so the fact that I’m by myself and it’s just on me to get things done can be hard, but luckily I’ve had good friends that’ve helped me with that transition.

EH: What would be your advice for freshman?

KP: My advice would be, even if you’re overwhelmed at first, keep getting involved… the more I got involved with this campus the more I didn’t want to go home on the weekends or I didn’t want to be anywhere but here, so keep getting involved. Keep asking questions too because there’s a lot to figure out within your first couple months, and you may feel like you’re alone but you’re never alone.

EH: What’s been your favorite thing you’ve done so far?

KP: My favorite thing that I have done so far… I have to think about this one… can I say it’s a tie?

EH: Sure!

KP: Okay, I think it would be a tie between joining Greek Life, because that was something I’d been looking forward to for a while and I found a good organization for me, and I think being a part of Muskingum choirs, including Concert Choir, Women’s Ensemble and Chamber Singers because I’ve learned a lot and it’s fun doing music with people that love it just as much as you.

EH: How have classes been? Have they been harder than you thought they’d be, or easier? Or a variety?

KP: I think definitely a variety. I’m a special situation since I’m in an advanced theory class since I took music theory in high school. So that’s obviously a lot harder than I thought it would be. But I think my high school prepared me really well because I took honors and AP in high school, so the college classes are up to par with the amount of work that I’ve done in high school.

EH: How’s living in a dorm?

KP: Living in a dorm is… I don’t know how to describe it. I love… since in my high school people come from fifty-two zip codes it takes a lot of work to like get together with your friend, so I love being in a dorm when we’re all right here so it’s a lot more convenient. Specifically living in this dorm, or like any dorm?

EH: Any dorm.

KP: Like I said just along with the independent thing like being by myself and having my own area I really like, and I like having neighbors I can go visit. Being in a dorm is… I actually like it.

EH: Anything else you want to say to incoming freshman or people searching for colleges?

KP: Oh, people searching for colleges! Here’s the biggest thing that I learned that my dad taught me is that in the beginning you can’t look at enough schools. Just don’t limit yourself because I thought I knew where I was gonna go from the start, and it wasn’t Muskingum, and I didn’t want to apply anywhere else, but then I started looking and I ended up applying to ten schools… so don’t limit yourself. And if you feel stressed like you’re being pulled both ways, just have faith that it’ll all work out when you get your scholarship information, when you find out all the details of what it would take for you to be a student there.


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