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Naps are a cherished treasure in college. We look back on our younger selves and wonder why on earth we didn’t like naps when we were little.

At one point my freshman year, I read an article online about the science of napping, and what the perfect length for a nap really was. The article suggested twenty to thirty minutes for a nap, which seemed to me at the time like barely enough time to even fall asleep! But the article said that if you sleep longer than that, your body will need at least two hours of sleep, or you’ll wake up feeling more tired than you originally were. It had something to do with sleep cycles, if I remember right.

From that point on, I made an effort to take naps that were about twenty minutes long, and let me tell you, I think I can confirm the scientific findings on napping that I read online, at least where I’m concerned! Twenty minute naps can refresh me enough to get through that next class without dozing off, or to power through one more paper before bed. If my nap gets longer than that, I really do sleep all afternoon before I wake up feeling really refreshed and ready to go. The longer you limit yourself to twenty minute naps, the better they get as well, because your body gets adjusted to that schedule.

So do your own experiment. See if it works for you!


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