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10 Important Things to Do Before Leaving for College

1.) Take the ACT or SAT test! (Most colleges will be looking for your scores when deciding admission and scholarships!) It takes a bit to get your scores back so you don’t want to wait until the last minute! If you don’t get your desired score, try again!

2.) Fill out the FAFSA. It is the Federal Application for Student Aid. It can help you get grants or loans to help pay for college. Very helpful.

3.) Decide if you want to live on campus or commute to class. While commuting has its benefits and can save money, it is a lot of fun and very convenient to live on campus as well.

4.) Get to know staff members or upperclassmen at your future college.  They can be your go-to person if you need advice during your first semester.

5.) Apply for more than one college and look at many options, unless you are absolutely positive you are dead set on one.

6.) Get involved! Browse organizations available on the campus you want to attend. Are there any that interest you? Being involved is a great way to make friends with similar interests.

7.) Learn effective study habits! A lot of studying is involved at college for many so learning how to effectively study can be very beneficial to your grades.

8.) Leave your high school on good terms. It is time to let go of old grudges and hurt feelings. College is a “new leaf” and very different from high school. If you are still hung up on unresolved issues from high school, you may find it hard to adjust and to like college.

9.) Buy your dorm essentials early! You may end up finding a better selection of items by avoiding buying at the last minute when other future students have purchased their essentials.

10.) Give it a chance! College seems scary at first for some but give it a chance. You will adjust and make friends. College is what you make of it. Don’t stress yourself out.

Have a great weekend! 🙂



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