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The Exercise Craze

There is a big push in the United States right now that’s centered around fitness. Programs like Insanity and P90X, new merchandise like the Fitbit, shows like The Biggest Loser…

I was never a big fitness person in high school, but in college I’ve found people who want to work out with me, and plenty of opportunities to do so! Finding a workout buddy (or buddies!) is a great way to get started with a regular exercise routine. In fact, I think it’s been the most important thing for me. With someone counting on me to go with them, I’m far less likely to skip because I’ve had a bad day or am tired.

Muskingum has lots of great opportunities for exercise. First, there’s the exercise you’ll get just walking to class up and down the hills. It’s also a great campus for running, jogging, or walking because of the hills; you can do shorter distances and still get a good workout. In addition, there’s the trail through the hollow and one around a pond at a nearby elderly home that make a nice change to your normal path.

If you don’t particularly like running or, like right now, the weather’s not really conducive to being outside, there’s a great workout facility for students that takes up a whole floor of the Chess Center. The equipment is all pretty new and well kept, and there’s also an aerobics room with things like weights, jump ropes, balls, and mats if you want a variety in your workout.

Monday through Thursday, there are various exercise classes offered in the Chess Center. Monday is Cardio Kickboxing, Wednesday is Yoga, and Tuesday/Thursday is Zumba. These classes are great for people like me who have never really worked out before and would go to a gym and have no idea where to start. Plus, they’re a ton of fun, and free to students!

Lastly, Muskingum has a pool, which is something that I think a lot of students here don’t even realize. I love to go there and swim laps. Having a variety of workout options is a must for me, and Muskingum has plenty!


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