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This is the second time I joined in traditional Thanksgiving with America family. Muskingum have large international students group, and lots of them have the host family. During the big break such as fall, spring and thanksgiving break, host family always invited international students come to their home and spend time with them. Especially dining hall will be close at the time.

This year, my host family Patti invited me to their house and eat turkey together. It start at 2 pm, not for lunch not for dinner, it’s just time for everyone can be there. We have almost 13 dishes, and 10 people, but the food still too much for us. After we done our food, we play a game, take turns to thanks people who want to say thanks. I thinks Patti invited me to their home, and thanks my parents support me to study aboard, and thanks everyone in my life who helped me. Also, the person I hate, or who do not like me, because they make me feel stronger and let myself do better. After I enjoy time with my host family, I went back to school and pick up my friends and way go shopping until 2 am on Friday morning. The black Friday is crazy time for American people, same everyone come out and go shopping. I do not like some company change their open time to 6 pm on Thursday afternoon, because that decease the holiday environment. Black Friday should be like lots of line and people all wait for 12 am to start shopping and rush to purchase.

This is also the last semester I will be Muskingum, I feel I gain lots of things, friends, knowledge, good teacher and lots of thing I never see. I like Muskingum this small village, some time I feel that too small, but people here are warm and nice. I feel I will miss all my friends when I finish my degree and back to my home country.  Thanks everyone here, who help me, make me feel-self, and cheer me up.

Hope everyone can have wonderful winter break, and merry christmas!!!!!


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