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Clubbing at Muskingum

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to a new week and a new blogger! My name is Connor Hann and I am junior Environmental Science Major at Muskingum University from Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Over the next semester I am sure you will get to know me more through the great and the not so great stories I will share. I decided to share a story about what made me stick around Muskingum aka my clubbing experience.

One look at Muskingum and you know that my experience didn’t involve strobe lights and techno. For those that haven’t seen or been to Muskingum, when you do you will see in New Concord  a Circle K, Subway, Crenos Pizza, a Fuel Mart and some mom & pop shops but you will NEVER see a club. So what was my clubbing experience? You got it! I joined school clubs like Circle K International, Equality Alliance, and many, many more.  Over the past three years I have many great clubs memories but I’ll share the one that at first scared me the most.

I was a new, shy freshman who was ready to get involved in something, but not ready for the attention. Well, freshman Connor decided to sign up for almost everything at our club fair (Involvement fair) thinking I could blend in. BUT when I showed up to the first meeting of Optimist club, I realized it’s hard to blend into a group of 5 people and not be noticed. Especially when they single you out and sign you up for an event already. But in way that is how Muskingum is here: You need to just JUMP IN. People will always be ready to support you here, but it is up to you to be involved! Although I felt like I wanted to run out of the room that meeting, I am really glad I didn’t! That’s all this time folks, have a great week and see you next Monday!

See you!



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