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Hey Everyone!

If you didn’t catch the excitement from the title of this post, I will try again: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! It is kind of neat because I turn 22 on the 22nd. Celebrating my birthday has something that I have struggled with since I came to college, simply because it just is not the same as being with your family on your special day. However, over the past three years Skype, Facetime and phone calls have really been a necessity, that has helped mend the absence of my family being physically with me on my birthday.

Since I am now as Taylor Swift would say, “feeling 22” I figured I would share 22 random facts about myself, so everyone can have a little better idea of the crazy person you read posts from every week! (HaHa!)

1. I have to make my bed every single morning or it drives me a little nuts
2. I work in a Donut Shop and have to get up as early as 4:30 a.m. during the summer to work
3. My favorite thing to do in the summer is to sit outside and read a good book
4. I have to have everything in my room in the same exact spot all the time when it’s not in use
5. All of my notes are highlighted in about 5 different colors
6. I highly enjoy doing arts and crafts projects from Pinterest
7. Mortuary science is the most intriguing profession to me
8. I changed my major about five times since I have been to college
9. My dad is a power lifter (this isn’t necessarily about me but it’s a pretty cool fact)
10. I prefer Coke over Pepsi, water over pop, but coffee is by far above them all (probably shouldn’t be…)
11. Just in my dorm room alone I have 14 different bottles of lotion and 12 different bottles of body spray
12. I still sleep with a stuffed animal
13. It is January and I have the air conditioner on in my dorm room
14. My goal is to never own another type of car besides a Mustang
15. I do not like to watch much T.V. (by this I mean that my T.V. is on maybe a few times a month)
16. When I do watch T.V. it is usually with the sound muted
17. I use 3-4 different tubes of mascara at the same time when getting ready
18. I could eat anything pasta related for every meal of my life
19. I also have a slight addiction to peanut butter
20. I am graduating college in December (wooo hoo!)
21. I am making it a goal to do a mud run/obstacle course run this summer
22. I would like to be in physique competitions after college

There you have it!
Have a great weekend!


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