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Hello everyone!
Welcome to a new week, I hope it brings new and exciting things! Something that never gets old though is going to the Bait Shop, a café on the quad! Last Friday I found some time to “CATCH” some lunch at the Bait Shop (bad puns are my specialty) and I wasn’t the only one! It is super convenient way to stay by your classes and get something for lunch instead of walking all the way back to your room or dining hall.
Personally I love the Bait Shop best of all! Especially their peperoni rolls (that’s my usual) but they also serve a lot of other great foods like hamburgers, salads, and the classic P B &J. What really hooks people into the bait shop though is the meal-exchange. In technical terms this means you can swipe your student id and it counts as a dining meal for a prepared food that day. HOWEVER in college students eyes it means great convenient food without having to pay more money, even if every other college student has the same idea and you have to wait awhile in line

If you scroll down and look at the picture with me and a wonderful lady, you’ll notice two things!

  • The lovely Bait Shop ladies always have a smile on their face.
  • I am horrible at taking selfies!

The Bait Shop Ladies have to deal with that long line of hungry students everyday yet they are still always very helpful and friendly! In fact when I won homecoming king, they saved a clipping of the newspaper of it for me. I think their great food and friendly service is just another great part about being a Muskingum students, and that’s why they just keep reeling us in! I’ll end this post with that last bad pun and hope if you ever go to the bait shop you’ll tell them the king sent you.

See you next time!



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