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Dining Hall Hacks

I know it’s been a while…. I feel like I really hit the ground running second semester, so it took me a while to get back into the swing of things!

I thought I’d talk about the dining hall today, keeping with Connor’s food theme from his post. I thought I’d share with you some tricks of the trade… creations we college students have learned to make in the dining halls to keep things exciting.

1. We’ll start with beverages: first, it’s fun to mix the coffee/hot chocolate options to make whatever flavors you want. Also you can always make iced coffee, if that’s your preference. Mixing Mello Yello and blue Powerade together makes a drink that’s basically Baja Blast. Also there’s some trick I remember seeing people do freshman year that involved putting blue and red Powerade together… somehow you could do it so they didn’t mix, so you had half red, half blue Powerade (with some purple in the middle). You’ll have to ask someone else how that bit of science works.

2. As far as food goes… the Panini press in Patton Dining Hall is always great for grilling sandwiches, quesadillas, breakfast burritos… really whatever you can create. In general, don’t limit yourselves to the foods that are ‘supposed’ to go together. Breakfast burritos are never technically an option, but on weekends there’s always eggs and bacon or sausage, plus cheese on the salad bar and tortillas in the bread rack. You’ve just got to be creative, mix and match the options. And if there still isn’t a food you want, cinnamon toast is always delicious.

3. Desserts are some of my favorite dining hall hacks. Milkshakes are easily made out of soft serve and milk (white or chocolate). Peanut butter is delicious on a bowl of ice cream, especially if you melt it first (there’s a microwave!). Root beer (or any pop) can always be combined with ice cream to make floats, and two cookies with soft serve between them makes an excellent ice cream sandwich.

Well, there are some creative dining hall hacks, and I’m sure there are more to be invented! Happy eating!


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