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Always at least oh K at Muskingum University

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to a new week! I am a creature of habit, so much so that when I can go to the Winn Café on campus I can say “I’ll have the usual” and they know I mean mozzarella sticks and a medium Coke.  Now that might mean I need to cut back on the mozz sticks, but there is one habit that many students do at Muskingum that will never be broken. AND that is the journey to the Circle K gas station/ convenience store in town to get a polar pop. For me I usually add a delicious, and fating cosmic brownie to have my Polar Pop wash down. But nothing kicks off a weekend or a long, long night of catch up with schoolwork than taking a break to get a Polar Pop. Simply put, the wonderful establishment is also just called “The K”.

Don’t believe me that Circle K is that popular? Let me explain how confusing it is explaining that the volunteer group on campus called Circle K International IS NOT a fan club for Circle K. As the president of Circle K INTERNATIONAL, our time in the involvement fair is normally explaining that we are not a part of “The K”.  Now if this MU student habitat seems ridiculous, I’ll admit it took me about a 1.5 semesters to have my first polar pop here. I finally had one when I mentioned I hadn’t had one in front of a Student Life AC and she told me how RIDICULOUS that was. Needless to say I had a polar pop that night… and the night after… and the night after that. I jumped on the bandwagon of The K and have never gotten off.

In fact, if you look at the picture on this blog, there is evidence!  Claudia and Zack might have been thrown off by my random selfie but you can see they can’t hide their excitement about getting a polar pop!  Well that is all I got this time! I hope you have a great week and never fear my week will always be at least o K here at Muskingum University!

See ya next time!

Connor Hann



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