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Flash-Forward to Senior Year

Sorry for such a late blog post… I’ve been extra busy this last semester on campus. I don’t have more classes, and I even seem to have less day to day homework… but once you’re a senior, you have big projects instead of little assignments. Right now I am preparing for my senior voice recital in a few weeks, coming up with a topic for my senior seminar paper, and working on filling out all of my paperwork for student teaching in the fall. That’s on top of any projects I have for my classes: everything from writing a string quartet to reports on famous composers to learning to play Frere Jacques on the trumpet. Okay, okay, so everyone probably won’t spend senior year learning to play the trumpet, but you will be busy with projects deep in your own major!

On top of the schoolwork is the realization that you’ll be leaving soon… and all of a sudden you start thinking about all of the people who, after graduation, you won’t see every single day. I know it sounds cliche, but college really does go so fast. And then there are the things you’ve never done: buildings you realize you’ve never been in even though you’ve lived here for four years. Sporting teams you’ve never gone to watch. People you’re just meeting who leave you wondering why you weren’t friends three years ago. It becomes a strange balance of all of the work you have to do to make it in the real world, and all of the things college still has to offer. My advice would be to take advantage of the time you have in college all the way through, start to finish. So maybe sometimes you stay up until three am talking to your roommate or make a midnight run to Taco Bell even though you don’t really like the food. Those are the moments you can’t get back. Make the most of them 🙂


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