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Special Hello from Muskingum

Greetings Everyone!

When I was thinking about what I could write about the past week about Muskingum University I realized something: the “Muskie Hello” is still active! First off, if you don’t know,the Muskie Hello is the idea that we all say hello to each other!  They tell you this a lot at open houses, scholarship days and every visit you will come here for but if you are like me you will be really skeptical.

After going to MU for 3 years, I can honestly say that the Muskie Hello is definitely a factor in daily life here. Being a science major I wanted to somehow have some proof to back this statement up. So I kept track of how many people I knew, I could say hi to consecutively just in my daily routine without actively seeking out saying hello. This was a great plan, except that I forgot to keep counting after breakfast, however I counted to at least 8 people JUST at breakfast. If you have ever been a college student or known one, you know that mornings are not people’s favorite time BUT I still got 8 people in the span of my walk to the dish machine. To me that is really an eye opening experience!

In fact, it reminded me of one late night of homework in the Moore Hall computer lab this week where I unconsciously did the “Muskie Hello” to someone I didn’t even know. We both were just working on computers but started talking and before you knew I knew her interests in her majors, where she was from, her grade, where she transferred from, why she transferred, some stuff about her friends, and her excitement to get involved at Muskingum University. It was one of the most enjoyable conversations I had this week and we were strangers mere minutes before.  I have meet a lot of now great friends at Muskingum University because of the Muskie Hello atmosphere without really realizing it. So if you like making friends early in the morning, really  late at night or sometime in between, Muskingum University could be home for you too!

That’s all folks!



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