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I love to be carded at college!

Greetings Folks!

I love to be carded at Muskingum University… student id carded that is!  As college students, money is not something that we have a lot to spend. Especially after paying for college, books and those wonderful Circle K trips I talked about before. But if it is hosted by the school, you can put away your credit cards! All you need is your student id! Seem too good to be true?

The theater department just put on the very hilarious play Words, Words, Words, this Thursday through Sunday. I went to opening night with the rest of my fraternity to show support to brothers in the play AND we couldn’t stop laughing! It went from scenes of two people having the same conversation over and over again to scenes with language lessons for a made up language! We all got to enjoy this play and support the theatre department without having to pay anything! In fact, I planned on seeing it again but of course homework got in the way.  The weekend before that I went to a home basketball game to cheer on the men basketball team! Did I have to pay? Of course not! I just showed my student id and I was let into the game. Nothing gets better then showing school spirit and not having to paying for it!

Not only does your school id get you into places without charge but it is actually how you get into the residence halls! A chip is built into your id so that you can just scan it next to the door and you are i to your dorm! Trust me I wasn’t kidding about the power of a student id!  When I first got my student id, I didn’t realize it would be something to essential to college life, but if you want to see panic, watch a college kid who lost their id (it isn’t pretty). So when you are in college, don’t worry about having a credit card, worry about losing your student id.

That’s all folks,


Connor Hann


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