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Muskie jumping out of the water

Welcome to a new week folks! It feels like my first day at Muskingum was only yesterday, but I’m already a junior applying for summer jobs in my career path! Gone has the summers of relaxing, and being content with just a one-time summer job. I had my first interview, of the four I have this week, today and it reminds me on how overwhelming it was to make a decision to go to Muskingum University. The great thing about making this next decision though is I feel more prepared.

About freshmen year spring semester I remember going up to Career Services, wondering if I could get some help writing a resume. I learned two things that day:  I didn’t have much to write on a resume and Jackie Vascura (head of Career Services) is awesome! I didn’t make an appointment to meet with Jackie, but she still invited me into her office anyways and helped me write my first resume. Two years later I have probably been to Career Services at least three times a week for the last three weeks with a resume that is a lot more impressive!

I have Muskingum to thank for most if not all the experiences I have on my resume. Most people think the college experience is something you don’t like telling your parents about, but here at Muskingum the experiences you have are something you can be proud of! For me I am most proud of taking leadership roles in clubs like Equality Alliance, Circle K international and MIND mentoring. Your experience here can be anything from greek life, clubs, challenging academics, many jobs and any combination of them, but you will without a doubt have an experience that will better prepare you for the next step in your life.

Although I still have two more semesters at Muskingum, I can already appreciate what I have learned here and how I have grown into a better-rounded, confident individual. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still terrified for the next big step but this time I know I have the tools now to take the plunge!

That’s all this time!



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