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The February Blues

We’re getting to that point in the winter where it’s just plain depressing. All we want is spring, and it just keeps getting colder. The days feel horribly short with no sunshine. Not much new snow falls, so instead of beautiful fresh snow we have snow that’s been trampled on, plowed, and is turning grey. Christmas was forever ago, as was New Year’s… even Valentine’s Day is fading quickly into the past. On top of that classwork is getting heavier as we head towards mid-semester. Needless to say, late February makes us all a little crazy. We’re grumpy, we’ve been inside for too long, and we find everything we can to complain about, from the weather to the people around us.

One of my professors brought this up in class the other day, and challenged us all to give up negativity. That’s a terribly hard thing to do in February, of all times, but that probably means we need it the most. I thought I’d make a list of things to do to cheer up over the next couple of weeks. Now, I’ll share them with you!

1. Go outside! No, not when it’s -20, but on the rare warmer days. I went sledding and snowman-building on Saturday (bundled appropriately) and it was a much-needed bit of fun and fresh air.

2. Go to the mall, even if it’s just to people watch. A change of scene is nice, wherever you go.

3. Make a list of movies you or a group of friends want to see. Maybe they’re new, or maybe some old classics.

4. Bake cookies! Or cake or pie or steak… whatever you’re craving the most. Make a “summer” food like pasta salad.

5. Get away from campus for a weekend or even an evening. It’s amazing how much better you feel after being “home” for a night. Maybe it’s your own home, maybe you go to a friend’s house for dinner. It works either way!

6. Study different places. This goes back to how helpful a change of scene can be when you’ve been cooped up all winter.

7. Read a book you WANT to read. Snuggle up with blankets and hot cocoa….

8. Find some new, upbeat music to listen to. Upbeat is the key word here.

9. Do something creative! Pinterest is full of ideas… 😉

10. Take alone time, if you need it. It’s better than saying something you don’t mean just because everyone is grumpy.

And if these don’t work, don’t stress too much. Spring break really isn’t that far away…. 🙂


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