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Hi Everyone!

With the whopping 30 degree temperatures the past 2 days, it almost feels like spring (Haha)! However, the sun has been shining and it has definitely taken away some of the cabin fever blues I have been feeling lately.

For this post, I thought I would share some Life Hacks–with the depression starting to kick in for most people (because Spring has never felt farther away), we all could use a little help in making our lives just a tad more manageable at times! 🙂

1. Do your most dreaded task of the day as early as possible–this way, you will have pride that you not only completed the task, but you will be more motivated to get other things done during the day as well.

2. The best times to drink water is when you first wake up (helps activate your internal organs), and before a meal to help digestion!

3. Want to stop a sneeze in the middle of class to ward off embarrassment? Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth!

4. Yawns are contagious right? Use this to your advantage–if you think someone is checking you out, yawn and see if they yawn back!

5. Want to lose a quick 100 calories? Do 20 push-ups, 15 squats, 50 jumping jacks, 30 crunches and repeat three times! (Great and quick middle of the day dorm workout!)

6. Don’t quite know what to get that special someone for a holiday? Tell them you got them something and to guess what it is–they will most likely list off a few things they actually would like!

7. Snesfun.com is an entire website of old Nintendo games you can play for free.

8. Poke a fork through the creamy part of an Oreo (carefully)…this way you can dip the entire thing into milk without getting your fingers wet!

9. If you don’t want people to bother you, and you want to get a lot of things accomplished–wear headphones! Even if you’re not listening to anything people will give you your space.

10. Misplace something in your room or on your desk? The brain is used to reading left to right, so try scanning for the object from right to left–you are more likely to find the object this way!

Put some of these to use this week, and keep praying for Spring!

Ashley 🙂


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