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Remembering a Muskie

The Muskie community is one that cares about every single one of its Muskies. Yesterday we lost a professor who just recently became a part of the Muskie family but forever will be in our hearts. Professor John Kuhn passed away this Sunday and I count myself lucky to have learned from me not only acting but also about myself. I first met John when he wasn’t a permanent professor at Muskingum last fall, fulfilling my Art LAE with Acting 101.  I was never one to be on stage but as soon as he opened the first class I knew I would be on that stage doing some new, strange activity three times a week. As the weeks went on each activity was more different and equally challenging my self-concept.  Whether it was having us walking around in a way that expressed a certain emotion or mimicking each other with the weirdest sounds, we always did what John told us to do. You just always knew you were in good hands, and weren’t going to be judged.

In fact he got someone like me, a science major, to be on stage for their very first play. Granted in the play I got hit in the head 5 times from a book and ironing board, but I’m still glad he gave me that opportunity. Like I said before I learned a lot of acting tips about him but with that he gave a lot of life lessons, for me the biggest was to be happy. John never told you that you were acting wrong, but he told you to dive deeper into the character’s feelings and reactions based on how we might act. I think that guidance led me to be more comfortable with myself on a more personal level. I can’t describe it with any words better than already said, so I suppose I will leave off with one last thought. Professors don’t just teach us about facts and figures but more importantly they change our lives. John Kuhn will always be remembered as a director and professor that changed lives by being forever a part of the Muskie Community.

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