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Spring break was really needed!

As a college student I think I enjoy spring break more now than I did in grade school! I know lot of other muskies feel the same way and it isn’t to party. Over spring break I mastered sleeping in until 9 or 10 in the morning and boy did I need the sleep!  Spring break is around the half way point in the school year so it is essential to keep students motivated! Although this might seem to be obvious, I think it is essential to actually NOT do homework over break. If you are like myself freshman year, you might think that sounds like a plan that will get you behind in classes. If you are like myself now (junior year), you will think this is the best plan ever. Both are right! You might get a little behind in classes, but if you don’t give yourself a break from school you will burn out of motivation before the school year actually ends. This is why I watched a lot of Walking Dead on Netflix and even played a new videogame.

The only problem with spring break is that it goes too fast! First off, I am still no caught up on Walking Dead and I didn’t beat my videogame, but more importantly waking up early for class will now be more of a struggle! This week will take an adjustment back for students and professors. The good thing though is spring break was long enough for all the snow to melt on campus. Living up in the Cleveland area, where there is still snow, the ride down to New Concord made me realize it is actually spring! The weather outside is wonderful and the sunshine is needed! Summer is just around the corner, 7 weeks of classes left to be exact although I know I am not the only one counting! That is all I got this time, I’ll let you know how the struggle of getting up early was next week!


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