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Zombies invade Muskingum University!

Welcome to a new week, I hope it is calming and relaxing because I know mine won’t be! No it is the homework or tests coming up that will keep me  on edge this week, but instead the threat of zombies! This will be 6 semesters of humans versus zombies at Muskingum and my 5th time playing it! I like to summarize the game as basically a 24 hour game of tag for about a week. And the great thing that separates this game from the real zombie apocalypse is that no one loses! You just switch teams!

If you venture on to campus this week you will see some students wearing a green headband around their head meaning they are a zombie, if you see some students with green bands around their arms they are surviving humans and if you see the ground covered in marshmallows or rolled socks, you have stumbled upon an area where the two students battled for “survival”. If a zombie tags a human, they turn into a zombie but if the human hits the zombie with a marshmallow or sock, the zombie is stunned for a time. If you see me this week, look for where my band is and beware!

I can recall the second time I played this game and being tagged most dramatically. As I was crossing the quad, ready with rolled up dirty socks, I see a FAST zombie walk out acting like he didn’t see me so I stood my ground. Then I see another zombie come out of Cambridge hall… now I stood my ground out of fear! Trying to keep an eye on both of my zombie foe I heard loud footsteps from behind, and turned to see a zombie charging me from the doors I had just left! As I backed away I glanced to see where the other zombies were when I saw they were charging me as well! Naturally confused I ran in circles, slipped on grass and threw socks at the approaching zombies while back crawling away. Alas I was only able to defend myself against two zombies as the third one tagged me. I proceeded to go to class and after class I tagged myself my own human as a zombie! Bottom line is every time this game is played, it comes to using your brain or getting some! I’ll let you know if I used or got brains next week! Wish me luck!

Until next time!



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