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Muskie Zombie helps save lives!

I think this title would be good title for the front page of the Black and Magenta, the school’s newspaper, but maybe I should explain it more. Those following the blog will see that the game “Humans vs. Zombies” happened last week! Although I fought hard to survive, I was tagged and turned zombie around Wednesday. Being a zombie didn’t stop me from helping Circle K International potentially save lives!

Last week Circle K International put on Bone Marrow Registry event to get people’s cheeks swabbed to be registered in the registry. If you are matched in this registry you can donate bone marrow and CURE that person’s cancer. Types of cancers that can be cured through this donation are some like leukemia, sickle cell anemia, and lymphoma.  CKI got 125 people SWABBED which mean 125 more chances for people’s lives to be saved. Blood drives are also very common to have on this campus, and a lot of students take advantage of opportunity to help people. I think that is one of the things I love about this community. Students want to help and give back to people, which is why people are always pretty involved on this campus.

It is not un-common for people here to be involved in many different clubs on campus. In fact, all of the people I have met in clubs are involved in more than one. I think that is something that really makes or breaks a college experience. College is what you make of it and there are a lot of opportunities here at Muskingum to take advantage of. Along with opportunities to create something new! My one friend Harrison is planning on creating his own outdoor adventure club! I created a Student Senate Committee on recycling! The possibilities are endless here. So whether you are a zombie, a bone marrow registry volunteer or both, there is always something you can get involved with here at Muskingum!

Until next time,

Connor Hann


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