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Who are RAs?

To use the correct terminology, RAs are “RESIDENT ASSISTANTS” which basically means a student liaison to the “grownups” of student life which are called Area Coordinators (ACs for short).There are normally two RAs on each floor and their job is to be a resource to the fellow residents for help but also policy enforcement. Why am I throwing all this terminology out to you on a Monday? Because I am an RA, and I am always working, but specifically I am working about 4 “duty”, shifts from 8pm-12am all in one week. That week is next week and as I mentally prepare myself for all that work, I thought I would tell you what an RA really does, why I became an RA!

So what does an RA do? See those new fliers weekly or daily; an RA put those up! See that wonderful, most likely Pinterest inspired, bulletin board on your floor; an RA puts up a new one every month. Ever seen extra quotes of encouragement, facts or even a new fancy door decoration on your door, the hall wall or in the stalls; a RA does that once a month. Ever attended a program where there was a competition, fun activity, or new information always accompanied by FREE FOOD; an RA plans one of those at least once a month. See that RA sitting at the desk from 8pm-12 am on weekdays and 8pm-2am on weekends; an RA does several of those a semester. What you don’t see an RA doing most of the time is weekly reports, keeping Residence Life updated with damages in the hall or people who are struggling. You probably don’t see an RA when they are doing health and safeties, by quickly looking into rooms to see if everything is up to code and that people do not have violations. Overall though, an RA cares and works hard to making living in a residential hall as much of a second home as it can be. Essentially, incoming freshman or transfers if you are nervous, go see your RA! We love to help and listen! Don’t think we are out to get you violating a residential hall policy, because we know that it makes you uncomfortable. The reality is that it makes us feel uncomfortable but it is part of the job that we have to do

My answer of why I became an RA is simple: I love Muskingum University and I want to help other people have a great experience here. So who are RAs? They are people who make a difference and make Muskingum more like a home for you and I love that!

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