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College has field trips?

Thought that the days of field trips away from school were now just fantasies of the easier days? Well it definitely is still not like those easy days on the playground, but I was shocked to see college can still have field trips. This weekend I actually had two college getaways that involved college transportation and academics.  The first experience involved bird research while the second experience involved trekking across Ohio looking at the different fossils and rock formations along the way. When I was a college freshman I never thought these would be college experiences let alone on the same weekend.

On Friday night a group of students who had done research and the advising faculty went down towards Capital University to present a talk along with posters at the Ohio Academy of Science.  We ate dinner and crashed at a motel that night, which I was happy to hear, was all on the school! At the dinner I thought the professors would be briefing us on how the following day was going to go and tips on presenting. I don’t think that topic lasted but 5 minutes during dinner. For the rest of the 30 minutes, we talked about MUSIC!! Dr. Jim Dooley asked us all what were our favorite genres, favorite bands and how we discovered new music. The topic soon turned towards the band Blue Mercury that Dr. Dooley is a part of and how they were even going to perform at the Relay for Life event.  Definitely not the dinner I was expecting, but one that was very memorable and actually took the nerves away from the presenting. The next day flew by fast and we were already on our way back to Muskingum University. I went to sleep not knowing what to expect for the geology field trip the next day.

Being an hour early the next day, AT 6 AM, to the field trip pick up I thought was a sign that this experience would not go as smoothly ( always make sure you have the right time!). Luckily, a friend of mine made the same mistake and we did a quick run to the Circle K for snacks on the field trip. Once everyone else showed up, we hit the road and didn’t stop until we got near Cincinnati, Ohio for our first stop. At that stop and every other one, we looked for fossils along with rock formations, each stop showing us younger rock and bringing us closer home. I learned a lot about the rocks of Ohio during this trip but I also learned a lot more about my classmates. I think that is the great thing about Muskingum University, it offers some many different experiences you wouldn’t expect to have, all the while gaining personal connections.

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